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Fire Alarm Systems

Fire Alarm Systems

Tesco Fire Services specializes in the design of Fire Alarm Systems. We design systems for all applications. We will assess your situation and give you the maximum protection needed to protect your premises. We offer panels ranging from small sprinkler and smoke detection systems to large class ‘E’ networked panels.

Fire Protection is an extremely important part of almost any building. If you have an old panel that is constantly in need of repair, let Tesco retrofit it for you. We will survey your building and give you various options for changing out your system. We will re-use as much of your existing Fire Alarm Panel as possible making sure your system is not only life safety effective but also cost effective.

At Tesco Fire Services we are also code experts. We will do all the legwork required to make sure that your system is 100% up to code. No matter what your jurisdiction, we will fulfill your requirements. Fire Department issued violations will not be a worry.

Once our systems are installed, Tesco provides training. We will choose a day at your convenience and train as many people as necessary. We offer comprehensive instruction on your Fire Alarm Panel making sure that there are no questions before we leave. Even if your employees do not even know what a Fire Alarm Panel is, we will take the time it takes to teach them. We also provide Manuals specific to your type of Panel so you and your employees can research further, if needed.